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Vybe A Lawyer is your online lawyer at your fingertips. We give you legal services on the go.

About Vybe A Lawyer

Legal Services On The Go!

We believe that legal services should be affordable and fast. We exist to bring you convenience in accessing legal documents.

On this platform, you will be able to draft contracts, Affidavits and Wills at your convenience. In short, we bring the law to you, whenever, wherever.

Our Services

Business Contracts

Get the documents and legal advice you need for your business.

  1. Employment Contract
  2. Supplier Agreement
  3. Non-Disclosure agreement

From Kshs. 10,000/-

Rent & Property

Protect your property. Get your agreements in writing.

  1. Tenancy Agreement -Residential
  2. Commercial Leases-Office space
  3. Sale of land Agreement

From Kshs. 10,000/-

Family Succession: Plan Your Will

  1. Last will and testament

From Kshs. 20,000/-

Contract Review

Do you need us to review a contract for you? Do you need advice on whether a contract protects you, and how it can be improved to ensure you are not exposed?

  1. Contract Review

From Kshs. 10,000/-

Lawyer’s Letters

  1. Demand Letter
  2. Warning Letter
  3. Legal Notice

From Kshs. 5,000/-

How To Pay

You can pay for each of these services online via our M-PESA Till Number at the comfort of your office or home.


Get our special SME PACKAGE that includes: 3 Employment Contracts, a fully compliant HR MANUAL (ensure that your business is fully compliant with Labour Laws) and Legal letters (tailored to your needs).

For as low as Kshs. 50,000/-

Get Our Retainer


Easy, Convenient Online Legal Services

We can get working on your affidavit, will, tenancy agreements, software development contracts, NDAs, supplier agreements right away by just sending your details online. Everything is right at the touch of a button.

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